Land of Gods , Himachal Pradesh

One of the interesting sights of Himachal was the image of a soldier protecting a temple , usually a large statue with a gun toting military jawan . Have things come to such a pass that the Hindus feel they are under attack ?

The military presence too in these border areas is strong and visible. Yes, Hindustan feels it’s under attack and is girding it’s loins to fight off any attack. This has not happened in its five thousand year history , even when they were attacked by wave after wave of invaders who looted pillaged ravished the land and basically abused the hospitality of the denizens of this country . Even when many like the Moslems and the English stayed back to first loot and then integrate , they never stopped the plunder, conversion , the exploitation of this land . And those who have lived here for centuries did not protest Just nonchalantly continued with their way of life.

But now, India is no longer a conglomerate of different provinces ruled by different kings forever waging war against each other aligning with inimical forces for their self serving interests. It’s united and it’s hurting . For centuries it has welcomed even conquerors who have chosen to settle here and pretty much allowed a free rein to their reign !

Parsis who came two thousand years ago when persecuted in Iran were first dismissed summarily but then they promised that they will live and integrate peacefully just like sugar in a cup of tea , the ruler of Gujarat gave in and allowed them to live , prosper and make their agiari temples wherever they chose to do so, no questions asked.

The Buddhists who seeded and flowered here and then moved to various other lands were never persecuted and those who wished to join them were never prevented from doing so . And when the Tibetan monks and the Dalai Lama were persecuted for their faith and fled from China they found refuge in ‘Devbhumi’ Himachal and monasteries mushroomed all over this land so much so that an area where they populate is now called Little Lhasa !

And there is Little Israel too in Kasol where the Jews have found a haven of refuge from wars in their land because the Arabs and Moslems will not tolerate their presence or any other for that matter .

And, of course, the largest shareholders of this plot are the Muslims who came in waves of looting , exploitation, intolerance, conversions and still happily stayed back to make their home here and carried on with their ways with no backlash or recriminations. They were followed by the English and their proselytizing spirit and churches found their way into the tableaux of Hindustan ! In fact , Goa abounds with churches where the Portuguese inflamed by their proselytizing spirit left no stone unturned to take a page from the ways of the Spanish , famous for their cruelty and inquisitions .

Kerala followed suit and Mizoram and the eastern state are the results of the modern day proselytizing spirit and shenanigans of the erstwhile ruling party with an Italian pulling the strings, obeying orders from the Vatican City !

Borders were left open from all sides to allow intruders and to weaken the country . Caste, religion, language differences were encouraged so that the country can break and again become an easy prey for outside forces , be it political or economic , let’s not forget the greedy multinationals !

Is it any wonder that the Hindus were angry , no raging and this rage came from hurt at the betrayal of those they consider their brothers and friends , to who they gave shelter, who they welcomed with open arms and allowed them to live freely , to continue living their way of life . And there was never any problem for so long . So what changed ?

OFFERING WATER TO THE TEMPLE GOERS AT KANGRA , taking a leaf from the SIKH ways ; previously they were nonchalant about encouraging temple worship

What changed was that the petro dollars infused a strong sense of invincibility in the minds of the rulers of the pan Islamic nations and fired with the zeal of leaving their stamp on history they decided to once more attack Hindustan but this time from within ! And insidiously . And a misguided section of them decided that they were doing the right thing by throwing in their lot with them . Why are they surprised now if there is a backlash ?

As for the rest of the world , a major part of it Christian, decided the Hindus are savages who worship strange looking Gods and animals and trees and rivers and mountains and should be brought under the fold of the one God, his son and the Holy Spirit .

When you are not educated well enough in the ways of the world or insular and inward looking , the result is intolerance, xenophobia and dislike for any other way than your own .

They forget their own teachings which says my father has a mansion and it has many rooms and there are many ways to reach God which is exactly what Hinduism is about . It’s a philosophy of live and let live which is what is important because if you follow the principle of an eye for an eye , very soon the whole world will be blind ! ( as Gandhi said ) Don’t forget, those who live by the sword die by the sword too . And I can quote hundreds of axions which are non Hindu which exhort man to live peacefully , respect nature and be compassionate! If we are to survive as a human race .

I mean if you rile the meek you are going to make that adage come true , the meek shalt inherit the earth ! And no one , so far, has been meeker than the Hindus . They couldn’t care less about bringing anyone into their fold , in fact you can only be born a Hindu and if you choose to go away please do not come back ; wrong though , if we take the example of Kashmir where the forcibly converted Muslims were ready to come back but the pandas of Kashi refused their plea ! Pandas are Hindu priests.

So, in conclusion , when I saw the images of soldiers protecting the temples, it rang a bell and set up a red flag of warning ! Hindustan, India , Bharat is no longer so amenable, compliant, tolerant , hospitable, easy going . And you are responsible for it , those who thought that they will tear asunder what God had put together .

A one minute movie of the whole essay for those too lazy to read .

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